should this be the last thing I see

I want you to know it’s enough for me

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"Don’t trend my birthday on facebook, twitter, weibo, etc. Just keep praying for the victims. That’s my wish!"

— Jessica Jung (weibo)

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Wanna be your genie for more than one night
Watchin’ me, feelin’ me, callin’ my name
I just want you and me to feel the same

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“taeyeon liked this post!”

“taeyeon commented on this post!”

“i’m here because of taeyeon!”


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Old days.. Taeyeon "Lost & Laugh"

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Another ship sunk today (18/4) in Flores, Indonesia with 100 crews in it. Earthquake in Mexico, the Sewol ferry tragedy in South Korea, the erruption of Sinabung in Indonesia, the missing plane MH370, the riots happened in several countries. Instead of #PrayForSouthKorea, #PrayForIndonesia or #PrayForMexico, we probably should #PrayForTheWorld instead. These whole things were so heartbreaking :(

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24 / 1000 airport soshi

24 / 1000 airport soshi

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happy 25th birthday jessica!

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